Public Notary and Certification Services

Bricknell Legal provides a prompt, cost effective solicitor certification service and a public notarisation service for legal documents to be used overseas.

Solicitor Certification

We can assist you in certifying the signing of important documents such as Statutory Declaration, affidavit and other official documents.  As practising lawyers we are experienced in ensuring that documents are completed, signed and witnessed correctly, saving you time and inconvenience by avoiding errors.

Recent changes to the Oaths Act have introduced strict new rules regarding the witnessing of documents.

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Public Notary

We can assist you with witnessing and certifying signatures on your international documents.

We also prepare formal certificates authenticating important original documents that are to be sent overseas.  We can help you meet the required processes including obtaining an Apostile  Certificate from the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.  

For a no obligation discussion regarding your international document certification needs, contact us.

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