Private Client Advisory


Bricknell Legal can assist you in the resolution of personal and business disputes, including those involving Court proceedings.

Our philosophy regarding disputes is that the better solution to a problem is rarely a lengthy fight or Court case.  We always look for a result that is an alternative to Court, such as a negotiated settlement.  That is often the most practical and cost effective solution. We always ensure our clients have made every reasonable attempt to settle disputes before they are decided by a Court.

However, sometimes a negotiated settlement is not possible, and there is no option other than going to Court. We are experienced in conducting litigation in almost every NSW and Federal Court. Bricknell Legal will always keep your interests paramount.  There are often ways to run a Court case that are effective and practical, which reduce unnecessary loss of time and expense while still protecting your interests.

Bricknell Legal has experience in advising and representing clients in resolving disputes.  These include:

  • Disputes in all Courts.
  • Defamation matters.
  • Franchise dispute mediation.
  • Will disputes.
  • Negotiated debt disagreements.
  • Contract and business arguments.
  • Partnership disputes.
  • We have represented clients in various divisions in NCAT, as well as in the Local Court, District Court, Supreme Court, Court of Appeal, Federal Circuit Court, Family Court, Federal Court, and the High Court of Australia

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